That IS Enough

Let’s face it! There is not a shortage of circumstances, situations, or people who will disappoint us. Life is full of frustrations and agitations. If you have not experienced frustration, disappointment, or hurt in this last month than you must not be living on the planet called earth. As long as we are living on planet earth, we will experience all those emotions. The question that lies before us is how we respond to these situations. Here is what the Lord is teaching me…

LOOK TO GOD! I don’t know about you, but when a person hurts me, my first instinct is to want to shut that person out and start looking around to see if I have other people in my circle who will meet that need (am I the only one that does this??). I’ve learned that when I do that, though, I’m letting human affection become my aim to meet a need only God can meet. He is the only One who can satisfy my deepest need for love, affection, value, affirmation, and encouragement. Everyone else will always come short (and so will I for others). When I begin to look to man to meet my need for affirmation or affection, I become insecure, unstable, and easily tossed back and forth by my own emotions. Eventually I begin to seek the created rather than the Creator for my needs. Idolatry is nothing more than looking to the created rather than the Creator to meet my deepest needs (Rom. 1:25). My disappointments are God ordained appointments for Him to step me to comfort me (2 Corth. 1:3,4) to bind my broken heart (Is. 61:1), to encourage me (Josh. 1:9). When people don’t respond the way I want them or would like them to, I need to remember that God IS enough to meet those needs!

Secondly, TRUST GOD. Sometimes God allows situations to enter our lives to change our character (Rom. 5:3,4). Other times He uses situations to bring forth a greater good. A great example is Ruth who lost her husband (and her financial security when her husband died). God, however, was working a greater good in her life to use her to be the great grandmother of David and in the lineage of Christ. We are called to trust God and not lean on our own understanding (Prov. 3:5-6). We can trust Him when we are standing on the mountain top or struggling in the valley knowing He is God, He is Good, and He is in control. In situations like that, I need to remember that God IS enough!

Lord, may You be enough for me today! May I not look to people, positions, places or possessions to meet my needs that only You can meet! May You fill and saturate every empty spot in my soul that can only be filled with the fullness of You! I love You, Lord!


4 thoughts on “That IS Enough

  1. I LOVE your quote … “My disappointments are God ordained appointments” if only we could see everything through God’s perspective, and take advantage of every opportunity (good and bad) to glorify Him. Excellent word!

  2. Rockie, I am thoroughly enjoying your blogs. Always good to remember no individual was ever designed to meet our every need. Only the God who created us is capable of meeting our needs. I also noticed what I think I really need is often far from what God provides but He has not been wrong yet. Fully anticipate that trend will continue.

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