Love Letter to My Savior

Dear Lord Jesus:

I can’t believe it’s been 16 years since that day I chose to follow You. Today, I want to say thank You for pursuing me! When I was scared and hesitant to choose You, You chose meI You calmed my heart when I felt anxious. You were patient when I couldn’t decide. You were persistent when I was going to say no. You pursued me with Your love and loving-kindness. You were patient and kind towards me.

I knew I needed salvation. I knew I needed a Savior and You were the One who was able to save me. So I chose You to be my Savior. Lord, thank you for saving me from my sin and self. Thank you for revealing the depth and height of your saving power in my life. I no longer read about Your saving power or study it, I actually get to experience it! And I got experience YOU! I’ve had the privilege to drink deep of Your love. I’ve been overtaken and overwhelmed as I’ve experienced You to be so many things to me.

I’ve experienced You as my Provider. When I was down to nothing, You let loose the floodgate of heaven to bless me. You are so God who is Rich and Generous and You have been so generous to me.

I’ve experienced You as my Strength. When I wasn’t able to take one more step, You were my Ability. You carried me and the necessary steps for me.

I’ve experienced You as my Comforter, Encourager, and Hope. When I’ve felt discouraged and wanted to throw in the towel, You stretched out Your Holy Hand and grabbed hold of the towel in mid air. You carried the towel for me when I didn’t have the desire to carry it. When things seemed dark and bleak, You opened my eyes to a new perspective and fresh possibilities.

I’ve experienced You as my Lover. When others have rejected me, You were my Acceptance. When others shunned me, You took me in. When others turned their faces from me, You kept Your gaze on me. Your loving eyes warmed my soul.

You have been my Portion and my Peace. You have been my Shield and my Protector. You have been all these things and a plethora more! Thank You for allowing me to not only study about You, but to experience You! I love You and love every experience I’ve had of You. And I pray I get to experience more of You! You are everything to me!!

Today, I just want to say thank You to YOU! Thank You for Your Presence in my life so that I can experience You.




6 thoughts on “Love Letter to My Savior

  1. That is a beautiful “love letter” and a beautiful prayer of PRAISE to the MAN of your dreams (mine too😊). That is just beautiful!!!

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