A Beauty or a Blob

Men have questions in their minds that need to be answered just like women. Typically, women are emotional and very expressive, We can express and verbalize how we feel to help men understand what we need from them. Men, however, are not quite emotional or expressive. For a woman to know her man’s true heart, she must dig deep. Ruth helps us understand what questions men have in their minds and how to answer them with out words and actions…

1. Will you respect me? When Boaz affirmed and blessed Ruth, she responded by falling flat on her face in front of him (2:10). That is a sign of humility and respect. When he told her he would settle the matter between him and the other Kinsmen-redeemer, she respected him by letting him lead her (3:12). She was very respectful of him.

2. Will you desire me? Ruth took the time to make her self look and smell pretty (3:1-3). She made herself available by going to him while he was alone and telling him she wanted him to marry her (3:9). Boaz was thrilled that she chose him over all the other guys (3:10).

3. Will you appreciate me? When Boaz prayed for Ruth, she told him that he comforted her and spoken kindly to her (2:13). She noticed the good things he was doing and she affirmed them. She appreciated him and what he did for her by telling her mother-in-law (2:19, 21). She bragged about him to others!

4. Will you support me? Ruth went to Boaz and lay at his feet (3:7). When he told her to stay with him, she stayed (3:14). When he told her it was time to leave, she left 3:14). She didn’t argue or complain. She complied.

Ruth was a woman who loved God well and loved her mother-in-law well. She was focused on serving and being diligent. When the opportunity came with Boaz, she was affirming, appreciative, respectful and showed interest in him. She was a keeper! So what does this mean for us?

If you are a single woman and you are interested in a guy, notice what he does and respond by appreciating, affirming, and respecting him. Let him know you are interested in him (with purity) so he can pursue you.

If you are a married women, ask yourself if you are respecting supporting and appreciating your man. Are you initiating intimacy with him or do you dread when he approaches you romantically? If you are not initiating, ask God to help you with that area of your life! Ladies, the choice is yours to be a beauty in his eyes or a blob.

If you are single guy, take notice of how a woman appreciates, supports, and shows you interest. If she does these things, she’s a beauty. If she doesn’t, she’s a blob and you need to keep looking!

If you are married, notice how your wife meets those needs in your life. If she doesn’t do these things, pray God will open her eyes to respect, appreciate and respond to you postively. God wants that for you too!


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