A Stud or A Dud

We all have questions in our hearts and minds. You know what I’m talking about…those deep questions we are too afraid to ask and but desperately need the people we love to answer for us. The book of Ruth in the Bible is not just a great love story. It a story of questions answered and resolved in the hearts and minds of Ruth and Boaz. Ruth had questions in her heart she needed Boaz to answer and Boaz was faithful enough to answer them positively. Here are five questions that Ruth needed Boaz to answer:

1. Will you notice me? When Boaz came into the field, he noticed a new person with his employees (2:5). He not only noticed her but took notice of her love and dedication to her mother-in-law.

2. Will you encourage and affirm me? Boaz did not hesitate to encourage Ruth by affirming her character. He affirmed her by telling her how much he loved her trust in God and her dedication to her mother-in-law (2:11). He even affirmed her by praying for her (2:12)

3. Will you value me? She came into his field as a foreigner but he elevated her above his own personal gain. He made sure she took more grain with her at the cost of his profit or bottom line. He told his employees to leave grains behind so she can take it (2:16). He even elevated her above his own employees. He told her she can drink from the water his employees were drinking and when it was time to eat, he invited her to his table (2:14). Boaz valued her above his profit, his work, and his employees.

4. Will you protect me? Boaz told Ruth not to go to another field so she would not be exposed to danger (2:13). He told his employees not to insult her (2:16), and he prayed for her (2:12).. Boaz protected Ruth physically, emotionally and spiritually.

5. Will you provide for me? If you know the story at all, you know how Boaz made sure she had plenty of grain to take with her. He even provided for her her meals while she was in his field.

The amazing thing about this man is he did all these things for Ruth BEFORE they were even talking about marriage. He did all these things for her without expecting anything in return. He was selfless, caring and kind before he thought he would get anywhere with her. So what does that mean for us?

If you are a single guy wanting to woo the heart of a girl, start by answering these questions for her before you get married. If you are a married man, make sure you take time to answer these questions for your wife on a constant and consistent basis through your words and actions. She needs those questions answered in her mind even if she is married to you. If you answer these questions to a married or single woman positively, she’ll decide you are a STUD. If you answer these questions negatively, she’ll write you off a DUD.

If you are a single woman, pay attention to how this guy treats you. A friend of mine once told me that I need to look for two things in a guy: Does he love God well? And does he love me well? If the answer is no, move on! If the answer is yes, he’s a keeper!

If you are a married woman and your husband answers these questions for you positively, thank God for him and thank him for it! If he doesn’t, pray he would be sensitive to your needs and that he will realize how you need these questions answered. God is in the restoring and healing business, do not give up on your marriage or your man!

Boaz was a STUD! He was an ordinary guy that knew how to cherish his woman! Ruth saw him as a STUD so much so that she threw herself on him. I’m sure most guys would not mind their wives to do that for them 🙂


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