How Does God View the Refugee Crisis?


Heartbreaking! Painful! Insurmountable! Dangerous! Terrorism!

These are words that come to my mind when I think of the refugee Crisis. What about you? What are the first words that come to your mind when I think of the refugee crisis?

In the thickets of trying to wrap my mind around it, I find myself teetering between looking to countries and super powers to intervene or look at them with disdain. It’s sad to acknowledge this, but oftentimes, God is my last resort to turn to in the midst of an overwhelming difficulty.

When I am able to freeze the racing images in my mind and peel back the curtains long enough, I find myself asking God these questions… “Lord, how do you want me to process all that I’m seeing, hearing and reading? Lord, how do YOU see this crisis? Lord, what are You doing in all of this??

The Lord often takes me back to the roots found in His Word. How does God view the refugee crisis? Here’s what His Word tells me…

God Loves People! All people! And His love is demonstrative towards us (John 3:16)

God desires that no one die separated from Him. He has no ill will towards anyone, not even those among the ranks of ISIS. His wish and will is for people to turn from their sin and run to His loving arms (2 Peter 3:9). He does not delight in the death of those who act wickedly. He especially doesn’t desire for people to perish in their ignorant zeal that lacks the true knowledge of Him. Those who think they are doing it all in His Name (Ezek 18:23)

God loves justice and He will execute it for the oppressed in His timing and His way (Job 8:3). Even when we may not see the chariots of fire with a host of angelic armies encamped around us, we trust God do what only He can do in His timing and His way.

God appoints the times and locations where people should live so that they may seek Him (Acts 17:27-28). He has a purpose in all of this!  In His Sovereignty, He moved Joseph out of the land of Canaan to Egypt so that Joseph can be the second in command in Egypt. He scattered the Christians across Asia Minor and Europe so that His message may go forth. When God allows a scattering of people to occur, no doubt, He’s accomplishing  His purpose for people to seek Him and find Him. He did it then and He does it now!

God works things out for His Glory (Ps 46:10). My finite mind cannot comprehend how His Majesty will be exalted among the nations, but I know He will. I don’t know how He’s working in this refugee crisis to exalt His Name and make His Name Great but I know He will do it. May He find us faithful to trust Him, to look to Him and ask the questions…

Lord, how do you view this crisis?

Lord, what is Your perspective on this refugee situation?

Lord, what is Your purpose for this situation?

As the Lord opens and expands our minds to gain biblical thinking, He may or may not answer the “why” question. You know that question…”Lord, WHY did you allow this? Lord, WHY don’t you do something?” As if God isn’t doing something since He’s not moving in ways that make sense to us!

God always opens Himself for us to ask the frustrating, puzzling, and confusing questions. He, nevertheless, moves us from wanting to know the “why” to the “what” question.

This question is…Lord, what is my part in this? We all have a part to play. God desires to use us in the purpose and plan He has in this crisis. I encourage you to ask ask God this question: “Lord, what is my part in the refugee crisis?”


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