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Life lessons from the Lord.

Expect the Unexpected

Have you ever wondered why the Magi stopped in Jerusalem and speak to Herod when they were looking for Jesus? It struck me as odd that they would stop and ask for Jesus in Jerusalem (Matt. 2:1-2). After all, wasn’t the star leading them? Couldn’t the star lead them to where Jesus was residing with his parents?

The Magi had their gaze on the star until they reached Jerusalem. But once they reached Jerusalem, they took their eyes off the star and began to ask for they child. They thought they reached their destination.

Whey did they stop there? Where would they expect to find a king who was born? In a palace, of course!  At least that what they thought. Jerusalem had a palace and king…King Herod. So naturally a king who was born would be born in a palace, in a kingdom, to a royal family….

But that was the furthest from the truth! Jesus was not born in a palace but a stable. He was not born into royalty but to peasant parents. He wasn’t born in a kingdom but an Inn. It wasn’t anything they expected or imagined. When they left Jerusalem, the star brought them to the place where Jesus and his parents lived (Matt.2:9-11).

They really didn’t need to stop in Jerusalem, they could’ve continued to follow the star and it would’ve taken them straight to Jesus. But they expected a king to be born in a palace to a king.

Their expectation led them away from God’s path.

What about you and me? Do we let our expectations and circumstances take us off the path God has for us? Do our expectations take our gaze off God and place them on our surroundings that make sense to us?

I wonder what would’ve happened if the Magi just continued to follow the star. The bible tells us when Herod heard that another king born, he was disturbed and so was Jerusalem (Matt. 2:3). He told the Magi to find the boy so he can kill him. When the Magi did not return to Herod, he decided to kill every child that was two years old or younger (Matt. 2:16-18).

In God’s sovereign will, He allowed the atrocity to happen against these kids. and in His power, He protected Jesus from a premature death.

Our expectations may not produce a drastic outcome such as the story found in Matthew. But what have we forfeited in blessing, ministry or opportunities because we followed the “expected”, rather than giving room in our lives for the “unexpected.”

In my life, I never expected to go to seminary…I never expected to be called in ministry….I never expected so many things in my life. There were times when I followed the “expected” rather than the “unexpected.” I’ve learned that when opportunities come my way, rather than seeking to make sense of them, go to the Lord and ask…

  1. Lord, is this of you?
  2. Lord, how would You have me respond?
  3. Lord, what is the next step I’m to take?

I found that when I do that, I leave room for God to work the “unexpected” in my life. Even when the unexpected is hard or confusing. Let God do the unexpected in your life to bring about His Glory and your ultimate good!



A Guy Worth Marrying

The account of Christ’s birth in the book of Luke seems to focus on the story from Mary’s perspective. However, the account of Christ’s birth in the book of Matthew seems to tell the story from Joseph’s perspective. My desire is to blend the two so we can have a full picture of what happened.

Based on the accounts, here’s what I believed occurred. Mary was visited by an angel let her know she was going to conceive a son by the power of the Holy Spirit (Luke 1:26-38). The angel told Mary that her cousin Elizabeth is miraculously pregnant so Mary knew if anyone would believe her, it would be Elizabeth and she went to visit her cousin (Luke 1:39-45). The bible is silent about anyone else knowing other than Joseph, Mary’s fiance’ (Matt 1:18-19). Here parents and his parents may have known but we have no record of it.

What we do have record of is that Joseph found out his fiancé was pregnant and it wasn’t from him. As a Middle Eastern man, I’m sure he felt betrayed, enraged, disrespected, and disregarded. He had every right to expose her shame and make her pay for her sin, especially since she humiliated him in front of others by getting pregnant from another man. He knew that if he exposed her, it would mean she would be killed (Duet 20).

That is exactly what she deserved for getting pregnant for shaming him….

Most men would’ve exposed her. They probably would’ve spat in her face and taken her out in public to expose her sin. Most men would’ve done that….


Joseph, being an honorable man, was willing to take the blow. In the midst of his pain, he wanted to protect her. Matthew tells us he had planned on marrying her and then divorcing her secretly (Matt. 1:19). You see, you can’t divorce someone that you do not marry. You dissolve the engagement agreement but you divorce the person you marry. If he dissolved the engagement, she would still be exposed to public shame in the Middle East. She would still look like she was a loose woman even if she slept with Joseph, her fiance’.

So Joseph decided to marry her so people in the community would think she was pregnant by him.  And then he would later divorce her, but do it secretly so people won’t question her integrity. That was his decision.

However, Joseph changed his mind when the Angel of the Lord spoke to him and told him she was pure (Matt. 1:20-22). Joseph was a man who heard from God and followed Him.

What a guy!

And if that wasn’t enough, he had so much self control and self-restraint that he would not have sex with her, even though she was his wife. He waited until she gave birth to her Son, Jesus. We don’t know if he waited 3 months or 6 months while he was married to her. But here is a red blooded Jewish man who has so much self control that waited for his wife to have the baby. Wow!

Joseph, a man that was willing to protect his fiancé even when he thought she did the unthinkable to him. A man who was willing to take the blow for his fiancé even though he thought she betrayed him. A young red blooded man who waited months before sleeping with his own wife. A man that heard God and obeyed Him.

Ladies, does the guy you are dating possess these qualities? Does he possess ANY of these qualities? Is he willing to protect you even when he’s angry at you, or does he expose your shortcomings? Does he demonstrate self-control and self-restraint or does he try to pressure you to compromise your purity? Does he hear and obey God or does he follow his desires and will? If he doesn’t possess these qualities, my advice is RUN…run as fast as you can!! And WAIT for God to bring a guy that loves God first, that respects your purity and a man who demonstrates self-control.

THAT is a guy worth marrying!!

When Did Mary & Joseph Get Married?

Middle Eastern weddings are big and elaborate. The groom’s family often begins to celebrate about three days before the wedding day. The bride also celebrates with her friends, family and neighbors as they prepare her for the wedding day. In the Middle East a bride and groom can have all their paperwork done and go before the Imam to officiate the marriage, but the bride and groom cannot be alone for long periods of time until the actual wedding day. The wedding day is important because it signifies to the family of the bride and groom, their friends and neighbors that the groom has taken his bride to be his wife.

So when I look at Joseph and Mary, I read in Matthew and Luke that they were betrothed. And then I read he took her with him to Bethlehem. In my culture, and I’m sure even in their culture and time, it was a big FAT NO NO for him to do that unless the wedding day and celebration occurred. Guys then and now (in my culture) NEVER takes their finance’ for days and months unless they celebrated their wedding day publicly.

So when did Mary and Joseph get married?

The bible is not clear on that but here’s what I believe happened based on biblical accounts. The angel spoke to Mary and told her she will conceive Jesus (Luke 1:26-38). She didn’t know who to confide in but the angel told her that her cousin Elizabeth was also pregnant miraculously (Luke 1:36). She went to Elizabeth because she know if anyone would believe her, it would be Elizabeth (Luke 1:39-45).

And she did!

When Mary went back home, Joseph may have noticed a baby bump and decided he would marry her and eventually divorce her so she would not be exposed to public shame (Matt. 1:19). According to the Law of Moses, she would be stoned to death for this act and Joseph was trying to protect her from that.

The rest of the story tells us that Joseph was visited by an angel of the Lord in a dream who told him the truth about his wife, Mary (Matt. 1:20-21). So Jospeh married her but did not sleep with her the entire time she was pregnant with Jesus (Matt 1:24-25).

When Joseph went down to Bethlehem, they were already married but did not consummate the marriage because she was still pregnant with Jesus. According to NKJV, Luke tells us that Joseph and his betrothed WIFE went down to Bethlehem to for the census (Luke 2:5). The word “wife” in the Greek is translated 129 times as “woman” and 92  times as “wife.”

Other translations like the NIV, NASB, and ESV do not translate the word in Luke 2:5. I believe they are doing that to point to us that Joseph never consummated his marriage until Mary gave birth to Jesus. The virgin conception is important to Christian doctrine and so is the virgin birth. Most Christians talk about the virgin birth more than mentioning the virgin conception. But they do not need to omit that because God tells us in His Word that Joseph took Mary to be his “wife” without sleeping with her until she gave birth to Jesus (Matt 1:24-25).

Even in our Middle Eastern culture, a man and woman can have all their paperwork done, they can go before the Imam to officiate their wedding and they can have the wedding day, but if they do not consummate the marriage, they are still not considered husband and wife.

So why is all of this so important to know? I will share that with you in my next blog 🙂

When Nebuchadnezzar Becomes President of the United States

I’ve grown weary, worn out, and frustrated with all the Facebook posts, tweets, articles and blogs about this upcoming presidential election.  I’m disgusted hearing about HIllary’s full term abortion policy.  I’m grossed out by Trump’s vulgar language.  And I’m tired of folks trying to convince me that if I vote for Trump, I would be a bad Christian.

Anyone else feeling the same way?

We know that either Hillary or Trump will win.  One of them will become president….like it or not.  The question we need to ask ourselves as Christians is this…

What is my responsibility when Trump or Hillary becomes president?  What would be our responsibility even if Nebuchadnezzar became president of the United States?

Do you know about Nebuchadnezzar?

He was the king of Babylon who seiged Jerusalem, took the Israelites into captivity and took the vessels from the temple of the Lord for himself.  He is the guy that put three Israelite men into a fiery furnace for refusing to worship a gold idol he created.  You can read more about him in Daniel chapters 1-4.

So what should Christians do if Nebuchadnezzar becomes president of the United Stated?  Here are a few thoughts

  • Pray for the welfare of our nation and our president – God told the people of Isreal to pray for the welfare of Babylon because in it is their welfare as well.  “But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.”  (Jer. 29:7)
  • Stand strong in our convictions – The three Hebrew men were willing to be burned alive rather than bow to an image.  (Dan. 3:16-18)
  • Respect the authority that God has placed over us and let God work in the heart of our president – When Daniel walked into the courts of the king, he did so with great respect to him and those he appointed (Daniel 2).  He was not arrogant or prideful when he walked into the king’s palace to interpret the kings dreams.  And God eventually humbled Nebuchadnezzar in His own time and in His own way.  (Dan. 4:34-37)

God will humble his leaders.  He will deal with the hearts of kings, He will move in their hearts to bring about His ultimate purpose for His Glory.  But we as Christians have a responsibility.  The way we respond will be a witness to our Savior and King.  This is what He tells us in Romans 13:1-7…

“Let every person be subject to the governing authorities.  For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.  Therefore, whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment.  For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad.  Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority?  Then do what is good, and you will receive his approval, for he is God’s servant for your good.  But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain.  For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer.  Therefore, one must be in subjection, not only to avoid God’s wrath but also for the sake of conscience.  For because of this you also pay taxes, for the authorities are ministers of God, attending to this very thing.”  Romans 13:1-6 ESV

In most countries, they do not have the same privileges we have in the US. We get to vote a president in office.  After that, we respect the vote of the majority, we pray for our president and our nation, and we hold strong to our convictions at all cost.  That’s what a good Christian citizen will do when Nebuchadnezzar becomes president of the United States….

Majority Does NOT Rule

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel like you are going against the grain?  People are all heading one direction in their opinions, actions and attitudes while you are heading the opposite direction?  You begin to wonder…

Am I wrong in thinking this way?

Do they know something I don’t know?

 Am I missing something here?

I’ve recently spoke on a television program where I was the odd man (or woman) out!  Everyone had a completely different thought, opinion and idea about the topic even though we are all Christians.  So, I did the only thing I know to do when I’m faced with a situation like this…..I prayed, sought the Lord and asked Him to give me clarity on this issue.  And He spoke in my heart

He reminded me of a story nestled in Numbers 13-14…God commanded Moses to send out some men to explore the land of Canaan that they were about to possess.  Moses sent out 12 of his men and they came back with good news and bad news.  The good news was the land was lustrous, fruit was luscious and area oozed with milk and honey.  The bad news……the cities were fortified, people were like giants and the men felt like grasshoppers in front of them.

 What should they do?

10 men said, “We can’t do it!  They are stronger than us.  We’ll get killed!” (Num. 13:31-33)

2 of the 12 men were Caleb and Joshua.  Caleb said, “We should and we can do it.” (Num. 13:30).  Caleb and Joshua both asserted, “If God is pleased with us, He will give us victory!” (Num. 14:8-9)

Was that enough to convince the Israelites to follow God?  Not in the least!  They grumbled, argued, plotted to find another leader to take them back to Egypt, and even stone Moses, Arron, Caleb and Joshua (Num. 14:1-4, 10).

They didn’t trust God and wanted to rebel against Him. God was not happy! In fact, He wanted to destroy them for their lack of belief and lack of obedience (Num. 14:11-12). But Moses and Aaron begged God to spare them and He did!

What about us today? What can we do when we are faced with situations where we feel we’re the odd man out?  When we feel we are going against the grain?  When the majority believes in one thing and we believe in something completely different.  How are we to respond?  The story in Numbers 13-14 reminds us of several faith lessons…

  • When we are faced with a dilemma, we need to look to God rather than look to our circumstances.
  • We need to seek God’s Word and Wisdom to make sure that what’s in front of us aligns with His Word and His Heart.
  • We need to remember, if the majority of people are going one direction, it is not necessarily God’s plan or purpose.
  • As Christians, we sometimes need to stand against the majority because the majority does NOT Rule, God’s Truth does!

The rest of the story in Numbers tells us that the people who grumbled and didn’t follow God’s direction never entered the Promised Land….especially the 10 who spied the land. But Caleb and Joshua did enter the land after the first generation died.

I want to enter all the land the Lord wants to give me. Don’t you?

Mary Magdalene a Prostitute?

The movie “Risen” came out this weekend and I was anxious to see it. Some friends and I saw it today and the solider did a fabulous job playing the role. The movie probably depicted an accurate picture of what transpired from the perspective of the Roman leaders. However, there is one glaring story that is not true to the Biblical text and it seems that every Christian movie gets it wrong. It is that of Mary Magdalene. According to the Bible, Mary:

– was a woman healed of 7 demons (Mark 16:1)

– supported Christ’s ministry and traveled with Him (Mark 16:2)

– was at the crucifixion of Christ (Matt. 27:56, John 19:25)

– followed Joseph of Arimethia when he took Christ’s dead body to the tomb (Mark 15:47)

– was one of the first people at the tomb after the Sabbath (Mark 16:1)

– was the first person to see Christ after His resurrection (John 20:1)

– was the first person to tell the disciples that Christ rose from the dead because Jesus instructed her to do so (John 20:18)

The Bible does not tell us whether she was single or widowed. In Middle Eastern culture, it was absolutely unheard of that a young single woman would be in the inner circle of 12 men and traveling with them unless this young girl had no family around. My sanctified guess is she was an older woman who was widowed that was wealthy enough to support Jesus financially, purchase spices to anoint Christ’s dead body and to travel with twelve men.

What amazes me about this woman as I studied her life closer is her love and devotion to Christ.  It seemed that she surrendered her time, talents, and treasures to Him for freeing her from seven demons that tormented her. She had a pure love, unwavering devotion,  and a deep gratitude to Christ.

And for that, Jesus honored her! She had the privilege to see Him first after His resurrection. He spoke to her first as the resurrected Lord. He gave her a message to give His disciples. Christ seems to single this woman out to honor her and I believe it was because of her utter surrender to Him. What an honor!  What a privilege!

So I ask myself…how grateful am I that Christ freed me from the power and penalty of sin? Has my heart over flooded with gratitude that it overflowed into my life, attitude and actions? Do I love Him like Mary loved Him?

Mary was not a prostitute. She was a woman Christ freed from bondage. She was at the end of herself and Christ rescued her. All her resources could not free her from the seven demons and Christ freed her with one touch or maybe one phrase…”Be free!”

Jesus freed me when I was at the end of myself but do I love Him like that? Have a surrendered everything to Him? As I embark on Easter, I’ll be asking myself this very question: How much does my life and my actions show my love, surrender and devotion to Christ?

Lord, that I would love you, surrender to You and devote my life to you like this remarkable woman: Mary of Magdala!

A Beauty or a Blob

Men have questions in their minds that need to be answered just like women. Typically, women are emotional and very expressive, We can express and verbalize how we feel to help men understand what we need from them. Men, however, are not quite emotional or expressive. For a woman to know her man’s true heart, she must dig deep. Ruth helps us understand what questions men have in their minds and how to answer them with out words and actions…

1. Will you respect me? When Boaz affirmed and blessed Ruth, she responded by falling flat on her face in front of him (2:10). That is a sign of humility and respect. When he told her he would settle the matter between him and the other Kinsmen-redeemer, she respected him by letting him lead her (3:12). She was very respectful of him.

2. Will you desire me? Ruth took the time to make her self look and smell pretty (3:1-3). She made herself available by going to him while he was alone and telling him she wanted him to marry her (3:9). Boaz was thrilled that she chose him over all the other guys (3:10).

3. Will you appreciate me? When Boaz prayed for Ruth, she told him that he comforted her and spoken kindly to her (2:13). She noticed the good things he was doing and she affirmed them. She appreciated him and what he did for her by telling her mother-in-law (2:19, 21). She bragged about him to others!

4. Will you support me? Ruth went to Boaz and lay at his feet (3:7). When he told her to stay with him, she stayed (3:14). When he told her it was time to leave, she left 3:14). She didn’t argue or complain. She complied.

Ruth was a woman who loved God well and loved her mother-in-law well. She was focused on serving and being diligent. When the opportunity came with Boaz, she was affirming, appreciative, respectful and showed interest in him. She was a keeper! So what does this mean for us?

If you are a single woman and you are interested in a guy, notice what he does and respond by appreciating, affirming, and respecting him. Let him know you are interested in him (with purity) so he can pursue you.

If you are a married women, ask yourself if you are respecting supporting and appreciating your man. Are you initiating intimacy with him or do you dread when he approaches you romantically? If you are not initiating, ask God to help you with that area of your life! Ladies, the choice is yours to be a beauty in his eyes or a blob.

If you are single guy, take notice of how a woman appreciates, supports, and shows you interest. If she does these things, she’s a beauty. If she doesn’t, she’s a blob and you need to keep looking!

If you are married, notice how your wife meets those needs in your life. If she doesn’t do these things, pray God will open her eyes to respect, appreciate and respond to you postively. God wants that for you too!

A Stud or A Dud

We all have questions in our hearts and minds. You know what I’m talking about…those deep questions we are too afraid to ask and but desperately need the people we love to answer for us. The book of Ruth in the Bible is not just a great love story. It a story of questions answered and resolved in the hearts and minds of Ruth and Boaz. Ruth had questions in her heart she needed Boaz to answer and Boaz was faithful enough to answer them positively. Here are five questions that Ruth needed Boaz to answer:

1. Will you notice me? When Boaz came into the field, he noticed a new person with his employees (2:5). He not only noticed her but took notice of her love and dedication to her mother-in-law.

2. Will you encourage and affirm me? Boaz did not hesitate to encourage Ruth by affirming her character. He affirmed her by telling her how much he loved her trust in God and her dedication to her mother-in-law (2:11). He even affirmed her by praying for her (2:12)

3. Will you value me? She came into his field as a foreigner but he elevated her above his own personal gain. He made sure she took more grain with her at the cost of his profit or bottom line. He told his employees to leave grains behind so she can take it (2:16). He even elevated her above his own employees. He told her she can drink from the water his employees were drinking and when it was time to eat, he invited her to his table (2:14). Boaz valued her above his profit, his work, and his employees.

4. Will you protect me? Boaz told Ruth not to go to another field so she would not be exposed to danger (2:13). He told his employees not to insult her (2:16), and he prayed for her (2:12).. Boaz protected Ruth physically, emotionally and spiritually.

5. Will you provide for me? If you know the story at all, you know how Boaz made sure she had plenty of grain to take with her. He even provided for her her meals while she was in his field.

The amazing thing about this man is he did all these things for Ruth BEFORE they were even talking about marriage. He did all these things for her without expecting anything in return. He was selfless, caring and kind before he thought he would get anywhere with her. So what does that mean for us?

If you are a single guy wanting to woo the heart of a girl, start by answering these questions for her before you get married. If you are a married man, make sure you take time to answer these questions for your wife on a constant and consistent basis through your words and actions. She needs those questions answered in her mind even if she is married to you. If you answer these questions to a married or single woman positively, she’ll decide you are a STUD. If you answer these questions negatively, she’ll write you off a DUD.

If you are a single woman, pay attention to how this guy treats you. A friend of mine once told me that I need to look for two things in a guy: Does he love God well? And does he love me well? If the answer is no, move on! If the answer is yes, he’s a keeper!

If you are a married woman and your husband answers these questions for you positively, thank God for him and thank him for it! If he doesn’t, pray he would be sensitive to your needs and that he will realize how you need these questions answered. God is in the restoring and healing business, do not give up on your marriage or your man!

Boaz was a STUD! He was an ordinary guy that knew how to cherish his woman! Ruth saw him as a STUD so much so that she threw herself on him. I’m sure most guys would not mind their wives to do that for them 🙂

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Micah 5:2 “But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you are small among the clans of Judah out of you will come for me one who will be ruler over Israel, whose origins are from of old, from ancient times.”

Someone once said that the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the little “extra.” We all love to hear stories of ordinary people become extraordinary. People who have been transformed from rags to riches, from vague to vogue, from bleak to bright, from ordinary to extraordinary.

God took a small clan and out it burst forth the Messiah. He used a young teenage girl like Mary to become the mother to the Savior of the World. He positioned a slave like Joseph to be the second in command in Egypt. God is in the business of taking what is ordinary and making it extraordinary. He did it for Bethlehem, Mary, Joseph, David and He’ll do it for you and me. He is not glorified by using wise, gifted, and talented people. He finds great exhilaration in taking humble, simple ordinary people who are surrendered, available and willing to be used by Him. Anything we choose to take out of our own hands and place in His Hands will become extraordinary. He will do it!

Father, today I ask you to take my heart and mold it as you see fit! I surrender all my desires, my limited perception, and my life to you. I give you back the gifts and talents You’ve given me and place them in Your Hands to use as you see fit. I place it all in Your Hands today and ask to do with it whatever You choose. May you turn this ordinary life into something extraordinary for your Glory! In Jesus Name I pray…Amen!

Mark My Word!

Jeremiah 33:14 ‘Behold, days are coming,’ declares the Lord, ‘when I will fulfill the good word which I have spoken concerning the house of Israel and the house of Judah. 15 In those days and at that time I will cause a righteous Branch of David to spring forth; and He shall execute justice and righteousness on the earth. “Mark my word: if you play with fire, you will get burned!”

“MARK MY WORD: if you drink and drive, you will end up in an accident or you will be arrested!” “MARK MY WORD: if you keep treating me badly, I will walk out on you!” “MARK MY WORD: if you play with fire, you will get burned!”

How many times have we blurted these phrases to our children, spouses or friends, We passionately say “MARK MY WORD” to warn, encourage or instruct them that what we are saying will surely happen in the future. Now, none of us can actually predict the future, but we say it based on our assessment of a situation and an absolute consequence of what will happen.

God, in Jeremiah 33:14, declares to MARK HIS WORD! He promised He will fulfill His Word concerning a Branch. This Branch will enter into the world and will judge righteously. The people of Israel expected a warrior who will rescue and redeem them from the clutches of their enemies. However, God had to first fulfill His promise that He will send a rescuer and a redeemer of our souls. Did God promise a Warrior that will obliterate His enemies? Yes! And that is in Christ’s Second Coming!  The People of Israel wanted a redeemer to set up an earthly kingdom but God had bigger and better plans in mind..He sent the Branch to set up an eternal kingdom! God promised and He overdeveloped!

This reminds me that God can be trusted! What God says..God will do! So when God says He will never leave me nor forsake me (Heb. 13:5), I can trust Him! When God proclaims that He will hear my prayer and not withhold His love from me (Ps.66:20), I can rest in His Word! When He tells me He has a wonderful plan for my life (Jer. 29:11), I can get excited! When He tells me He’s provided for me to live a godly life (2 Pet. 1:3), I can learn to walk in that power and strength! When God tells me He will right the wrongs in my life (Jer. 33:15), I do not need to take revenge or manipulate my situation! As far as God is concerned…I can MARK HIS WORD! He will fulfill it if I am open and available!

God has so many good words in the Bible that He wants to fulfill in my life, but I can be my own worst enemy! I can block God’s Word from being fulfilled in my life if I have unconfessed sin. I can slam the breaks on God’s purpose for my life when I try to manipulate my situation to get what I want. I can live in defeat if I do not look to Him to meet my needs in His time and His way. I have a choice to live in all God promised for me or I can live in misery. It is a daily choice I have to make.

Lord, thank you that you can be trusted to fulfill Your Word in my life. Thank you that you desire to help me live in love, peace, joy, and contentment. Lord, please forgive me when I hinder Your Word from being fulfilled in my life. Please grant me Your wisdom and grace to know Your Word in my life and the strength and power to live it out! In Jesus Name I pray! Amen!